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    About the Artist

    Expressions of Joy
    Sandra Illing

    Vibrant colors are one of Sandra's favourite things, and they can be found in abundance in all of her paintings.

    Although she has used a variety of paints, such as acrylic, her favourite medium is Encaustic. Encaustic paint allows for texture, and for a particular vibrance in color, since this wax-based paint actually absorbs varying degrees of light, while reflecting the rest, thereby bringing depth to its expression, whereas most other types of paint only reflect light and do not absorb any.

    Her philosophy in the painting process is to simply be present in the moment, usually with a particular combination of colors in mind, and allow the painting to guide her in its own creation.

    Each painting is a unique piece of original artwork. Although she does create some landscapes, Sandra prefers to paint mostly in abstract because it allows for a great deal of personal interpretation. On exhibition, many people will view a single painting in a different way, as each person taps into their own imagination and fantasy to complete the interpretation, thereby creating a very personal, unique and individual experience.

    Sandra's artwork has been described as "full of wholesome vibes, beyond what may be initially seen, but just as real - maybe more so".

    Sandra completed her professional training in Design in Wiesbaden, Germany. She began painting as a teen, and more recently has begun to make her artwork also available to the public, online and in exhibition. Her paintings have been exhibited at The Art Gallery in Cornwall, in private caf├ęs in Montreal and Ottawa, as well as at the Martintown Old Mill Gallery.  

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